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Doug Goodkin

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MMEA Pre-Conference: Deep Pedagogy: Teaching Music Musically

  • Doug Goodkin, The San Francisco School
  • Date:Thursday, January 25
  • Time:9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
  • Room:JW Marriott - International Ballroom
  • Session Type:Lecture
  • What is the level for this session::Elementary
  • What is the target audience for this session::Elementary, General Education

What is at the center of music education? What sets the Orff approach apart from merely creating musicians who know how to play instruments? Drawing from over four decades of teaching children in one school and working with all kinds of people throughout the world, Doug will share his vision of what lies at the heart of the matter: a pedagogy that trains the body, awakens the senses, cultivates the mind, unleashes the imagination and opens the heart, all within the circle of a musical community. Come prepared to play, sing and dance your way into a feeling of belonging, of connection, of challenge, of determination to work yet harder to help children create a world worthy of our humanitarian promise.